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The Barrier...............

The it a blessing?

You know we often talk in the field about the "barrier" between the living and the dead and suppose all kinds of things and theories and beliefs,concerning it. I have learned so much in the past three decades from both the living and the dead, and at this point, I do have a theory. I think the barrier is a blessing of sorts, not only to protect us, from the malevolent spirits that would otherwise prey upon us, but to save us from ourselves. I think there are rules in the afterlife, just as there are in this life. I also think that since we humans live hard, love hard, and die hard, we are prone to try and break the rules on both sides of the veil, at some point. It is our nature. We may do it for a million reasons and "love" is a big motivating force,a great one at that, to move us to break them. Before I get too far into this,I want to show some examples to better explain what I mean.

EXAMPLE: I know many psychic people and even average people that see spirits all the time. Almost every one of them longs to see one spirit in particular, the one they loved the most, and lost. It drives people crazy when they can experience a spirit, so often, but the one they really want to see or contact evades them. Now, being the emotional and stubborn creatures that we are, we have a lot of trouble accepting loss. We grieve very much over our departed loved ones, some people grieve for too long. Now, how much worse would it be to move on if lost the love of your life, but he was always around in spirit, watching your every move, and professing how much he missed you. If he was there, so close but yet so untouchable, because of course he has passed into the next realm.

You might waste your life hanging on to a ghost. You might miss the next step, of your own destiny, in your own life, because of this attachment that you just can't let go. You might never find love again, and your life is not over. You are not done yet on this plane, in this life. That would not be a good thing at all. I think this is why we often do not get to see or hear from our loved ones, as we would like to. Sometimes we get lucky and our loved one breaks the rules or gets a special Visa, for whatever reason and we do get to commune with them in a dream or through spiritual contact. It is usually always brief and most times leaves us feeling as if we had some closure. that is for some people at least. Other people might be set back into their grief and live for the next encounter with that loved one that might never come. I think this is why the barrier is there, not just to help someone move on, who has lost a spouse, but also a child, a parent whatever. The living have to go on and they can't always do that with that loved one so accessible in spirit.

My experience:

I do think there are special circumstances when this contact is allowed even if brief. If the living person is able to deal with it,and capable to go on after it, and it serves as some sort of closure or reassurance that helps them to move on. I had such an experience myself, so I know something about it. Sometimes the dead come around to remind us that we are alive, but not living life to the fullest. Sometimes we may have somethings shut down as a result of losing someone, and maybe some part of us never wants to go through that again, so we stop participating in the things that make life wonderful.

When a spirit gets to the other side, they miss us too, but they know, that we are meant to keep living life to the fullest. It hurts them too when we do not go on, to do just that. We may even hold them back from where they need to go, as they are too worried about us to leave. So now everyone is miserable. Since they usually have much more of a view to what goes on with us, they actually suffer even more than we do, as they have to witness our pain. So the best thing you can do for your departed loved one, is to goon, and let them do the same. True love means wanting someone to be happy, even if that means they can not be with you. This is one of the reasons for the barrier. It serves people on both sides of the veil.

When people on both side of the veil, are hurting enough, desperate enough and stubborn enough, they are moved to break the rules and breech the barrier no matter what, and some do actually pull this off.Sometimes they find each other, but other times, one of the living finds someone else when they break through, who is not their loved one. Someone with bad intent and that is how many spirit attachments and bad haunts get started.Hence, another good reason for the barrier.

Let's look at it from another angle now. What if the deceased person was the worst thing for you, and you still loved them and were influenced by them. What if they had been directly responsible for taking you down the wrong road, that led to your own downfall. It is said that " the greatest sin is not murder but to be the direct cause of another's sinning as in that case, you don't just hurt them in this life but in the next as well."Some people continue to love and hang on to people like this, to their own detriment, you see it with the living all the time. How much worse would it be if even after the person who did this, has passed on, they were able to keep that detrimental influence over the living person. What chance would the living person have to change their path, with the continued detrimental influence of that friend or loved one who was still able to exert that influence through contact. Again, another good reason for the barrier.

I could go on and on with scenarios that serve to provide more and more good reasons for the barrier between this world and the next, but i think you get the picture.

Psychics and mediums have the wonderful gift of being able to breech the barrier, and nine times out of ten, they too can not reach the person they most want to contact for all the reasons above. Paranormal investigators also want to breech the barrier for a myriad of reasons, not all of them always wholesome, or in any way spiritual. Man is just a creature that feels he has to know everything and will die trying to find out. Some people seek to understand death so they can understand life. Death is life on another level folks.

I think true wisdom , true inspiration, and true answers come to those who, not only are ready to receive them but also can accept that there are rules and that not everything, we want can be granted us. I think truth is something that is given to those who are listening with a humble and earnest ear, and who have some understanding of what a real gift, it is to have a communication with spirit.

Ghost hunters are trying to punch holes in the barrier everyday now. I guess we have exhausted every other great thrill with the advancement of our great technology, so now we are looking to the world beyond this one, for that next great thrill. The afterlife has become the last great frontier of sorts, and inquiring minds just have to know. This is a shallow endeavor, that will be met with folly,denial, or a hard lesson for some.

When the dead need help, resolution, or anything for that matter, they will reach out to the living. This is why I do haunts resolution. But seeking them out, in the name of cold science or for entertainment is going to take it's toll in the end. In a way we have come full circle, reaching out for that forbidden apple. A man who never appreciates what he has, because he is too concerned with what he may be missing, is never happy. In this life or the next.

That which we seek with haughty, obsession, because we feel we have a right to know or find it, is often the very thing that eludes us. The barrier between this world and the next is there for a reason. Just like we put up a toddler fence around a swimming pool, for children who can't swim to remain safe from drowning, as a result of their curiosity or desire to enter the water unattended. When it comes to dealing with all the things, that lie beyond that barrier, we too are in our infancy. There are dangers in the depths, in which we too could drown.

Respect the fence, the barrier is there for many good reasons folks. Also, know that your loved ones who have passed are always still with you, and their love never really leaves you, even if you can not see or sense them. You will see them again, when your journey is done.

At every funeral we pray for the person to rest in peace. For the dead... to rest in peace. They are not resting folks, they are living, in a whole new incarnation that we will someday achieve. I even have an evp that states this. Sometimes they find a way to visit us on their own, to let us know they are Ok, and that they want us to be OK too. There are also those spirits who visit us with bad intent, but it does not happen all that often if we leave them alone. In the meantime, let's let them live in peace.Wherever they choose to dwell, whether it be in an old hospital, an old historical building or in their old or new home. If they are not bothering us,why should we bother them? In seeking our scientific advancement, we are displaying our spiritual lack of advancement here folks.