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THE CREEPING DARKNESS a phenomenon often experienced with hauntings

  "The Creeping Darkness" is a phenomenon often experienced by people that is associated with spirit presence. It is something I have experienced myself several times. Many people try to explain it to me and have trouble putting it into words to accurately describe the phenomenon. I feel it is noteworthy of including here, and i will explain it as best I can, in order for everyone to understand what it is. Picture this:

You are in bed. Your eyes have adjusted to the dark and you can see the objects in the room to a degree, in the light available in the room. Suddenly you get a strange feeling as if something is not right. You notice that in one area of the room, there seems to be a patch of darkness that is sort of pixelated and seems to be almost moving, like a swarm of bees or many tiny particles. Then the patch starts to spread out and before long the entire room becomes much darker, maybe even pitch black in a large area all around you. The black air seems to almost swirl or vacillate like tiny particles, and then develops into a large black mass. It is almost as if you want to rub your eyes and focus again, as if your vision is blacking out. No matter what you do the creeping darkness is still there. If you do not get up and turn the light on, it may dissipate eventually on it's own. If you do get up and turn on the lights, it is gone when you turn them off again. This is a very unsettling phenomenon that most people do not understand or recognize as spirit presence. Now sometimes maybe the moon went behind a cloud and the light in the room dimmed out for awhile, but this is not always the case.

What is happening here is this: If the moon is not your culprit, or there are no windows in the room, and your eyes have had time to adjust to the ambient light in the room, ....then perhaps you are having a visitation by a spirit. When a spirit enters a small space, and they start to manifest, they sometimes create this effect. As they start to manifest they gather energy from all around them to develop their astral plasmic form. Maybe as that energy spreads out ,it does have it's own sort of mass that blocks out light., or maybe even absorbs light. As the spirit draws closer to you or the bed, the mass blocks out or absorbs even more of the light around you, blocking the rest of the room from your view, which makes it appear as if the whole room went black. In photos this same energy sometimes appears as a white mist or ectoplasm. This is because either it is absorbing the light from the flash or reflecting moisture particles in the air, or even giving off it's own light under certain circumstances. But at other times it may also appear as a black mass, especially in a dark room with very low light sources. People often tell me the room got darker and darker for no reason, before they got that very uneasy feeling, that something was there or closing in on them.

Now , usually if you are brave enough to wait it out and not turn on the light, and keep watching that big mass will condense down to a black form shaped like a person or hulking shadow. Once this happens the spirit has manifested in it's most base form and sometimes, it will lean over the bed to check you out, not meaning any harm, or if the spirit is so inclined it may do this to scare you. With most people this tactic works very well. Even when the spirit is not out to scare you, it does most of the time. It is hard not to panic in this situation. Most times if you ignore it ,it goes away the same way it came, by just fading away. This is a phenomenon that seems to happen so often, especially in cases where a real haunting is happening, that it does need to be addressed for people to know it is common and not necessarily a moment of doom or foreboding. Good spirits, and familiar spirits such as relatives etc. can show up this way. they are not doing it to be scary all the time, it is just the way they can manifest without expending too much energy and trying to stay out of your radar.

Contrary to popular belief not all spirits who display as a black mass are "evil" per say. this is just one stage of spirit manifestation. It's just a form of subtle matter that does block out the light, although it is invisible to us as far as being a full form apparition complete with features and other details. People often react with terror to this phenomenon, or they simply do not understand what is happening. If you experience this phenomenon, it is not always time to panic. It could just be someone coming by to check up on you, watch over you, or seize an opportunity to contact you through your dreams if you had been asleep at the time, and woke unexpectedly. If it happens nightly or is accompanied by other forms of paranormal activity, then it may be something to be concerned about and looked into.


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