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We hear stories, listen to audio recordings, watch videos, look at blurry ,grainy photos and read legends that are all out to pose evidence that Bigfoot is real. In reality about 88 percent of them are probably a hoax or just a blob of darkness or dead foliage in a photo, that means absolutely nothing. But somewhere out there there is a video which is not a hoax, or a photo which is genuine, yet even if we found that one, we might not know it when we saw it. Then there is the Bigfoot researchers community that pounces with relish to discredit anyone's pictures and or videos simply because they were not the one that got it. This is human nature. We are competitive, and jealous types that do not want to admit defeat on any level. Someone out there may have the most authentic photo or video yet and no one would give it any credit. Not the scientists, not the skeptics, not the Bigfoot researchers and not the media. Perhaps this is because the nay sayers, do not want to acknowledge that they were wrong and that this creature does exist? As for the researchers, well if someone finds this creature and presents real evidence then they have no goal to keep moving towards. The press is ruled by the government and can only release that, which the Gov. does not object to, or deem to be in the best interest of the public to know. So where does that leave us? That leaves us in a perpetual state of wondering if it exists or not. That may very well be the best case scenario for all concerned actually.

In our culture we love a mystery, a legend, and the contemplation of the unknown. If someone suddenly came up with a Bigfoot body there would be many unhappy people out there. The skeptics and most scientists who deny the possibility of it's existence, would be unhappy because they would have to admit they were wrong. The researchers would be unhappy because they did not find it first, and now they will never get the chance to do so. The public would be unhappy because many would be afraid, of a creature they felt to be totally alien and perhaps dangerous to them. They would no longer feel safe in wild places. Some would fear the woods that border their properties and gun sales would be off the chain. The Government would be unhappy because they would have not only a panic on their hands, but a moral and political dilemma as well, if this creature is a type of human being. Some of the people who have seen the creature and feel it is a magnificent and non aggressive being, would be appalled by one of them being killed, or hurt, or put on display in captivity. So they would be unhappy. The Bigfoot clan would be the unhappiest of all as one of their own had fallen and now they had been exposed, and there would be no safe place for them, as men of all kinds would be out there to hunt them, study them, and harass them in a myriad of ways.

For those who have seen this amazing creature, so much like ourselves, and yet so massive and powerful, it is an experience unequaled by anything, that they would never trade for the world. Most of these folks, don't care if it ever comes out to the world, because having seen it, they feel privileged, and are left with a respect and a new and sudden compassion for the creature. Just having seen it is enough for these folks. They don't need anyone else to believe them or any other proof of what they already know exists. I know because I have talked to many of those people. I am also "one of those people." Because I have seen it, and more than once I know what it looks like. I also know that there is one video and one photo out there that is real. Two different people got these amazing captures. Luckily for Bigfoot and for all the people who care about him, this photo and video have been discredited by those with the loudest voices in this field. This is lucky because both of these pieces of visual evidence, have revealed the location of where they were taken. If everyone knew they were real, then Bigfoot would be in real trouble, because of the nature of most human beings. So, I won't be revealing which photo and video I feel is genuine. I am sure there are others who know as well, and from what I've seen no one else is coming forward to proclaim which ones they are either. Just about everyone I know, that has really seen this creature seems to adopt the attitude of wanting to protect it. It seems to be a common reaction with those who have seen "the real deal." For most it seems to awaken something reverent and spiritual deep inside them, that sticks with them. Something more benevolent, more humbling, more sentient. Hence the caption on our Bigfoot sketch here at this site that says "more human than you men." It is my sincerest hope that Bigfoot is never found, captured or killed in the name of science or in man's desire to conquer and prove his dominion over everything.