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 Being in haunts resolution and paranormal study for so many years, I have had the opportunity to learn so much and yet been given even more to confuse me. Over the years I have communicated with endless spirits ,who have reasons to want to interact with the living, and therefore try very hard to get messages across. Of course I have communicated with troubled spirits at my haunt cases, but in the course of my journey, I have also had spirits seek me out, and some have kept a running communication, that has gifted me with a chance to ask questions, to try and obtain information that might lead to a better understanding of the afterlife and life on all levels. For this I feel very blessed, and receive these messages with humble gratitude. I have collected many EVPS that are very thought provoking and some that baffle me completely as to their meaning. I am constantly trying to assemble a puzzle that I do not have all the pieces to. EVPS do not come in clearly at times and sometimes they come in missing words and parts of sentences, so it is at times a guessing game as to the exact words that were said and what they mean.

During the EVP project I learned that spirits seem to have no concept of "time", as we know it. When asked if time passes for them, three different spirits responded simply by saying the word in a questioning tone, as if they had no idea what it was, or had forgotten and were trying to remember. I can only assume that either time does not exist beyond this life or in the next world, or spirits do not experience or comprehend it anymore. I have taped and overheard many conversations between two spirits or more and learned much from this as well.  

  There are some evps that really make you wonder, such as this one which I captured in my own home, whilst taping some spirits that had been frequenting my home to communicate to a loved one who is a friend of mine. These same folks actually owned this land many, many years ago. They are the ancestors of my friend who lives two houses down. They come by here because they know I can sense them, hear them at times, and will offer them a chance to communicate their needs, thoughts, or concerns. I helped them and they helped me to understand many things. This one evp which was two spirits talking, really blew my mind. The one female said to the other"What do you want?" the other replied" I want some real oxygen to fly away."

Hear this EVP here

Now this raises so many questions in my mind such as :

1. What role does pure oxygen play, in the next life and the next world?

2. What does she mean by "fly away?"

3. Does the spiritual body also require oxygen ? I could go on with these questions but I think this will suffice to demonstrate the curiosity this statement arouses.

While some spirits do seem to be confused at times, the majority of EVP responses I have received, lead me to believe, that spirits maintain their memories, their awareness of what goes on in this world. They seem to be able to hear and observe us in a way where they can address our questions and ask their own questions. They can and do converse with each other. They offer their comments on what we are doing or even thinking at times. They maintain their personalities, their opinions, their beliefs to some extent, and their sense of humor. Some can reproduce their natural sounding voice, their accents, their speech patterns and such, very well on tape. Others sound somewhat automated and scratchy. Are these abilities to come through clear and natural sounding reliant on certain energy sources available to them for them to expend in order to produce this effect? Why do many evps come through as if the spirit is speaking very fast, almost too fast to understand unless you slow down the track? Do their voice transmissions travel at a higher rate of speed than our physical voice does? Why do some evps come through as if they have been slowed down and slurred? This happens too, although not as often as the high speed evps do.

Some spirits will talk to us willingly, and others will comment to one another, by making mention of the fact that we have a tape recorder and that they will not talk because of it. Are they not supposed to talk to us, are they breaking some rule? Why do others not seem to be concerned about it? Could this be governed by what they believed about spirit communication during their corporeal life, as there are many faiths that forbid such communication. Could some of these spirits be assuming that they are not supposed to talk to us as it is some kind of sin or transgression on both their part and ours, that might lead to both of our spiritual downfalls, in some way? This has always made me wonde rFor example, some of these evps refer directly to the fact that we have a tape:

This one says, "No not me, they have a tape!"

This one says.." I told you Caroline, stay off the tape, right there!"

This one says "Should we talk to them?" then someone says "NO!"

When we asked one spirit why, he was hanging around here, his response was "Heaven." We asked another if he was in limbo and he said, "Goodness No!" At one case, we asked if the spirit knew why we were there. He said this,"We are in our new home, and you are just here visiting with us." This was an unusually long evp. It is here below

This one says: We are in our new home and you are here visiting with us.

Another spirit said this to us at a case for no apparent reason, we still do not understand what he means by it. He says "There is one life....hers!" Now he could be referring to the aggressive female entity that was haunting the people at that home, but who knows. The evp was captured, along with many others outside the home ,on the back lawn, near the woods.

This one says "There is one life...hers!"

Out of all the hundreds of spirits I have recorded and spoken with over the past three and a half decades, I have had two, tell us that we are going to hell. I don't know if they are implying that by talking to ghosts we are going to hell or just being hostile in general, trying to scare us off? The majority of the spirits seized the opportunity to chat with us, or at least talk about us to each other. Sean once asked a spirit..."Can you see me?" The spirit replied "I don't have to." What does that mean? Can spirits sense us purely psychically? I think they can but the evps tell me that they can see us also. They comment on our appearance or refer to us when talking with each other, regarding our looks. For example we have a team member named Jay who has his head shaved. He heard something,then saw something at an investigation and got up to check it out. It was a human sized shadow blocking out the light from a doorway. On the tape is a voice that says.."The bald guy, you think he heard us?" Listen below for this one.

How do spirits know when a person is a psychic? They must as we have these evps:

This one says "She's a psychic!"

This one says "She's a psychic, get her out!"

This one says "Get down, the psychic might see you!"

Do murder victims speak from beyond the grave? We have had cases where they have indeed. These evps came from cases where a murdered or missing person was speaking to us from the other side. Spirits seem to know what happened to them and want justice, and to let their loved ones know they are dead, if there was any question about it, as in a missing person. The first set is from a missing person case. This gal was missing for two years now. She gave us her name in one evp, so we would know it was her. We will not post that evp here for family privacy of the client. But we do have others that state her case. This is what she says:

"My body's completely cold as hell!"

"He killed me!"

"I want him in jail"

I believe that the determination of this young woman, will lead to her killer getting caught or getting the karma he deserves. This spirit will not rest until justice is exacted on her murderer.

Another young man, sought us out, he followed my daughter home from new Jersey because, he wants someone to know who killed his friend or girlfriend, and he tells us from the other side. We knew nothing about this, he just brought it up and blurted it out with much force as to be every loud on the tape. He also said ,Haydee died in "Fairfield." Because there is also a Fairfield in Florida, we checked missing and murdered persons with this first name on all records on the net. There are 13 missing Haydees in New Jersey and one in Florida. Which Haydee is he referring to? We are at a dead end with this one.

"Mark killed Haydee!"

At another murder case we heard from a victim who knew his killer, who is also deceased. He still had questions like this one...

"He didn't keep the gun did he?" 

Just for the record the gun from this crime, has never been found. Do spirits know what we are thinking? can they hear our thoughts?

Well listen to this evp that says;

"We read you minds when you come here, so don't come back!"

Are there angels and do they interact with us or reach out to us? This EVP has spirits claiming to be angels, as they say...

"We're angels."

We will be adding to this section from time to time, so keep an eye out for more entries.


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