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January 2011..... TO ALL MY STAFF MEMBERS

I would like to dedicate this space at this website to express my appreciation for my staff at PPP. I love all of you, and wanted to let you know how much I value you. This year we have had one hell of a workload. We have seen all kinds of cases and taken on some very challenging tasks. We have not had much time to breathe, and I know all of you have worked long and hard hours with me on our cases, and even longer on evidence review. I truly believe that I have the most dedicated team around. You have gone above and beyond in your efforts, to serve our clients and this team's mission. You have worked well together and supported each other on every level. Your courage and integrity has been amazing. Some of you have braved many tense moments and even physical attack. You have retained your sense of calm composure through all kinds of trials. You have kept an open mind and through many, many experiences we have learned a lot and grown so much together. You have never had any problems getting along together, and we never have any drama between team members. All of you are directly responsible for all of our successes, and all of the resolutions,that we have achieved, for countless clients, when they needed real help. Your loyalty to this team is immeasurable. You are what make PPP one of the most capable haunts resolution teams around. This page is here to honor you for your patience, your hard work, your understanding, your dedication,and of course for putting up with me. I truly love and respect all of you, and look forward to making more progress together, in the coming years, in this field.

Special thanks to: 

Michael: For all the cleansings you have done with me, and all the times you pushed me back and entered into a bad energy field before me, willing to take the hit, to keep me safe. For your patience with our clients, and your fearless approach at all of our worst cases. For your loyalty which has been unwavering through the years. Without you PPP would not be the same. Your calm confidence and your humor give all of our clients a feeling of security.

Alexis: for all of your personal concern for our clients and your dedication, to finding the truth that lies, behind the hauntings we investigate. For taking your work home with you , when things have followed you home,and dealing with that intrusion into your personal life. For going that extra mile to work with me on continued spirit communication, when it is needed, to help a troubled spirit. And of course for working with your mother, which is hard for most kids to pull off. I miss having you here on this team, but I know you have to pursue your own life in Tennessee.

Wendy: for all the research you do on residences and case files and the countless hours of evidence review you work each month. You have clocked more evidence review hours than anyone, except myself, this year. For rearranging your schedule to run out with me at a moments notice.

Ryan: For hanging in there with us even after being attacked and injured at one case. For conquering your fears in order to keep helping others. Also for playing personal watchdog at one of our Hudson cases, and being on call for that client. For counseling some of our teen haunt victims, and helping them to learn to rise above their fears and empower themselves. And also for looking out for the welfare of the Anclote cemetery.

David Wein: For your excellent work in evidence review, and the endless hours you put in doing it. For being on call at the last minute to replace team members that cancelled, whenever I call you and ask. For making new forms for me, that I lost in the PC crash and am going to bug you for again. (Didn't know about that one did ya?} Thanks for fixing everyone's laptop audacity problems. For all the volunteer work you did before becoming an official member of this team. We love you Dave!

Pete: For all the times you fix my PC software that I can not get to work. For being patient when I am out in the field, and for helping me with all the behind the scenes stuff that makes this website possible, and keeps our evidence review up and running. For all your support of my endeavors in this field, and teaching me all of my computer skills. For all the reinstalling of the sound programs, and photo programs you have done for me. For your work on the EVP project and for the cases that you have run out at the last minute, with me in order to provide an immediate response, such as the Hoo Doo House. For trudging 8 miles through the swamps, with me. And of course for being the best husband in the world.

George: You shown an amazing willingness to give your time and best efforts to this team. You show that you truly care about people.You have done well on all of your cases and you handled an attack by a spirit very well. I don't know what we would do without you. I look forward to working with you for a long time to come. You are always willing to help so many people in many ways. You are such an asset to this group.

David Wolf: Though we do not get to work together as often as I would like, and I am glad we found you. It is great to have you on board Dave, you bring a very professional attitude to our investigations. You have done so well on your first cases and I think you will be a valuable asset to this team. Thanks for braving that Tarpon case with me, as just a two man team, and dealing with the psychical affects of it. Your extensive knowledge of science is an asset to this group. I look forward to working with you in the future.

Braxton Riddle: I am very proud of you. You are wise beyond your years and a hard worker. You have great instincts and have acquired so much knowledge of this field. You are a rational, mature and fearless guy and in spite of your young age you are just as qualified to be here as most of the older members on this team. You are the future of HHS/PPP.

Rook Balthrop: I am so pleased to have you as a team member in training. You are an amazing young woman and I think you will make an awesome addition to this team. I look forward to working with you down the line. I wish you all the best in your college studies. Your ability for critical thinking will serve this team well.

Deborah Grace: I am very excited to have you on board. Like three of our other members you, as a former client, have a great understanding for the people that go through this sort of thing. Your nurturing ways will make you a great support system for our clients who are in distress and your instincts will serve to enhance our investigations. i look forward to working with you in the future.

Chip Depew: I am so happy to have you here , on our team. We have been friends for a long time. Of course now, I have no one on the East coast to call for clients over there, but I am still glad you are here with us. I look forward to working with you for many years to come. Welcome aboard.


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