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This page is reserved for true stories that everyone can learn from. It tells about unfortunate events, common mistakes and other things that bring on the haunt from hell.

Latest story: title " The Cell phone fiasco"

A friend of mine has 4 kids and lives in a home in mid Florida. She called me one day after her house just went crazy. She was awakened by her daughter screaming in the we hours of the morning, and all the doors in the house were slamming at once and the light bulbs in the bathroom vanity all exploded at once and her daughter's hair was standing on end as if she had been in a static storm of some kind. The noises and the doors kept at it all night and the entire family was terrified. No one got any sleep at all. My friend knew that something was happening that was indeed paranormal, as her home had become a storm of chaos. The next day she discovered that her ten year old son had been playing ghost hunter in the home. Her older daughter got a new cell phone and left the old one lying around. This phone has a recording app as many phones do nowadays. The daughter went into her old phone to get phone numbers that were in the contacts of the old phone and discovered recording files made by her little brother trying to do an evp session. He said things like "Is there any spirits that want to talk to me?" and "I am calling all spirits to come and talk to me now." etc. etc. This is what happened in the wake of this child's game with the phone. He was just emulating what he sees on TV with the ghost shows and movies. This is one true story that exemplifies why I always tell everyone to leave the spirit world alone. Especially kids, who are so vulnerable to spirit focus, that think this is a safe practice because it is all over the TV these days. Please folks, talk to your kids and tell them that this is not the thing to do. Tell them that things can happen that they do not warn about on these TV shows. Now what started out as an innocent game played by a child, has landed these folks in a hostile and horrific haunting. What you court, you eventually bring to your door. Don't court disaster and make sure your kids know that this is not a safe practice under any circumstances.

" The cemetery aftermath"

 We had a very hostile case that resulted from a couple and two friends deciding to ghost hunt at a local cemetery. They went to a cemetery in Pasco County and went looking for ghosts. Well what they found was a very angry, resentful entity that was tired of the ghost hunters. This entity followed them home and decided to teach them a lesson about disrespecting the dead. This haunting was really a frightening and somewhat expensive experience as the spirit not only terrorized and even attacked someone but blew up the family's new computer. Cases like this one are so common that we probably see at least five a year. Please don't stalk the cemetery it is not a safe thing to do. See the article at this site about cemetery spirits.

" The Mistress's revenge" 

 There was a very old decaying house buried under the overgrowth in the woods of a large many acre tract of land. The place was long abandoned and left to rot for over a century. It was once the home of a woman who was the mistress of a civil war soldier. There was still a lot of stuff in the house from furniture, to personal items. The place was formerly protected by the property owner but once it was sold it fell prey to some trespassers. These trespassers were just two young adults [siblings} who wandered the woods and came upon this barely visible structure and just had to satisfy their curiosity by entering the house. While nosing around they found a couple of items that they decided they wanted to keep for souvenirs of their adventure. One was a pair of man's old wire frame glasses, older than anything they had ever seen and the other was a woman's ornate hand mirror that was badly tarnished but still quite unique. They left the place in a hurry after strange noises began and they saw a dark shadow. Once at home with their treasures they did not think much about it. About two days later a haunting ensued that tormented their entire family. Upon our investigation it became clear that the spirits who were there, had followed them home because they were severely angry over the fact that they removed these personal items from the home. The female spirit was the worst as she was out for blood. These two spirits were now together full time in the afterlife because they had to only spend stolen moments during their corporeal lives and they wanted their home and everything in it to stay in tact. We informed the family that the haunt would not stop until these items were returned to their original location and their spirit owners. The kids were too afraid to go back to return them but eventually the parents went with them and the items were placed back in their rightful place. The haunt then stopped. The moral of this story is "DON'T EVER STEAL FROM THE DEAD" We have had other clients that were being haunted because they took something that did not belong to them. Some of these clients took our advice and returned the items. The ones that did not return them remained haunted and we advised them that we could not help them any further since they refuse to do what they need to do to alleviate the haunting.


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