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We all know what common sense is or at least we would like to think so right? It is the sense we use to reach logical conclusions, or as the websters definition says: sound and prudent judgment based on a simple perception of the situation or facts  

Now that we have that out of the way let's move on. Then we have our five physical senses which are common to us all. There are things we hear and things we see and smell and taste and touch right? Then there is another less common sense, which comes into play with the things we" sense or feel." These are the things that have nothing visual, auditory, olfactory or tactile, to back them up or alert us to something's existence and or presence, and yet we feel it anyway, right down to our bones it seems. Call it intuition, instinct, psychic sense or whatever you want, but we all have those moments, when this uncommon sense kicks in. Even with all we can see, hear smell etc. it is the things we "feel" that seem to scare us , affect us and trouble us the most. We all have these moments, and they come in many forms for example:

Let's say two people have been in a relationship together for awhile now. They know each others usual energy frequencies even though they may not be consciously aware of it. Suddenly one of them gets the sense that something is wrong or that the other may be about to leave the relationship, and they have no real reason to base this one. Sure enough a few days down the road one person does end the relationship. How did the person about to be jilted know it was coming? Well, they felt the difference in the frequency of the other's energy towards them. Because we are well tuned in to the usual energy flowing between ourselves and this other person, we sense the change immediately. We all have this ability, and some people have it to the extreme or to the point of being what some would consider to be a psychic.

Now let's look at another scenario, where you are about to drive a particular route and then suddenly something tells you to change course and go a different way home that day. Perhaps you hear later of a car crash on the road you might have taken. Again it was just a feeling, or something you sensed that made you change your course.

Then there is another scenario, where suddenly for no reason, you sense something, that you feel is either danger, something amiss, something watching you, something that just gives you that nervous fight or flight feeling for no reason at all. Maybe you walk into a building or down a certain street or maybe you are even in your own home and that feeling creeps over you that say"Something is not right here." This is yet another way we experience that uncommon sense that immediately gets our attention. It is that early warning system that resides deep in us all, that sometimes broadcasts alerts for our own safety and well being. Nine times out of ten, that feeling may be genuinely valid, and other times it might be paranoia or that scary movie you just watched. Even though sometimes we do have false alarms, more often than not this feeling, this less common sense serves us well. It is the product of our sentience, that reads frequencies, that we do not recognize and know are not the norm in our environment. This is the sense that often alerts us to spirit presence, the presence of predators, [animal and human] and sometimes, even to events that are about to take place which we would rather not experience.

Okay now we have established what "uncommon sense" is. It is amazing how this sense which is not backed up by any of the other physical senses or logical senses, can be the one to really unsettle us the most, and sometimes be the same sense that moves us to withdraw from a place or situation that does wind up saving us from harm.

When people become involved in a paranormal situation this uncommon sense usually kicks in and alerts us to the presence of something in our immediate environment, that seems alien to us and possibly harmful. I hear the same thing from people all the time when they call me about a haunting, they say "I can't explain it but I feel something here, I feel uneasy like something or someone is watching me, near me or focusing it's attention on me." While not all people are really sensing something truly paranormal, in four out of five instances, we arrive and do find some spirit present in the home, that has taken a keen interest in the residents there for whatever reason. This validates for me, the idea, that we all have this extra sense that serves us on many levels. When I walk into a home that has been reported to have paranormal activity going on, I usually feel it somewhere along the line. Either it is there immediately when I walk in or I find it in a certain room or area. Occasionally something manages to stay under the radar and I miss it initially. No one is infallible. I do however, tend to rely on that sense not only for my case investigations but in my everyday life.

These days we live in such a hurried, stressful and busy world that we sometimes are not tuned in on the airway to perceive with this uncommon sense we all have. Then sometimes even when we do perceive it, we blow it off as our imagination, or a passing anxiety. I feel that many times this sense serves us well and we should keep it under advisory when it presents itself. We were given this sense for a reason and as long as we stay rational, we can allow it to guide us in many instances. So next time something tells you not to do something, or not to go somewhere, or to make sure your front door is locked, or to keep an eye on a certain family member, or to not open that email, perhaps you might want to heed that alert. You never know, it might be that one time you listened to that feeling, that pays off more than you ever dreamed possible. It might be that one time that saves you from an unfortunate event or experience. It might serve us all to tune into that "uncommon sense" that God gave us, for a good reason.


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