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Videos of interest

NO one is to post videos here from our membership, this page is only for our team videos. You have to be part of PPP to post here. thanks for your co-operation members.

Here we are posting videos that we found to be note worthy, from our cases or our stealth cams.

This video is from a case in Tarpon Springs. Towards the end of this ten second clip you will see the door move and something peeping in through the crack of the door.

Video from 9/2011 : Residential haunt case: ..Watch the lower left of the frame and see a shadow move past the end of the sleigh bed, then watch it again and watch the shadow come up off the pillow on the bed. There are also two still frames in the 2011 anomalies picture album from this same location. It happens very quick and both shadows are moving at once, so you have to watch it twice to see both anomalies.

Posted by Wendy Wein: I took this video at a cemetery in Hernando County. Enlarge the video to full screen. Little did I realize upon filming this that there were 4 entities 16 seconds into the video. One looks to be walking right towards me. This entity appears to be sort of purple like a purple light entity and you can see her arms and hands move. There is also what appears to be a black shadow man on the right side of the frame about 15 seconds later. Upon watching this video even more, people have seen even more, than what we thought. We hope you enjoy it.


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