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Weeki wachee is a town in Hernando county in Florida on the west coast. It is beautiful and known for it's water attractions such as Weeki Wachee springs etc. It is a very beautiful wildlife refuge area and the river is pristine. I had always loved this area and did not really know just how interesting it was, until we took a case there some time back. We were called out to a haunting at a private residence right on the river. We did find a haunting alright, in fact we found one that truly out did many past cases we have seen in other cities. This case won our most haunted case location for 2013.

The strangest thing about this case was that it turned into an adventure well beyond anything we had expected. This investigation revealed not just spirits or ghosts but other things, the likes of which we never even considered before. Now the area is a hot spot for Bigfoot activity so finding them there, right across the river was no surprise to us whatsoever, and we got some awesome audio from those creatures. But it did not stop there. This area has an energy that is totally different from the energy in other areas we have worked and studied . We witnessed and experienced so much there that was just off the chain. The client had claimed to have seen other mythical creatures there such as a gnome etc. I personally do not believe in gnomes and such but a film she captured on her cell phone camera just blew me away. In this daytime video you can see a small humanoid figure [ approximately 18 inches tall] walk up to her open back door, peer into the house and then run off into the sunlight. I could not wrap my head around what I was seeing in the film. Other things have been captured there both by us and more so even by the client who has more opportunity to catch things as they happen. I have no idea what is going on in this charmed and wild place but I do know that there are things there which we have never seen anywhere else. There have also been sightings on large cryptid flying creatures in the skies of Weeki Wachee. I hope someday to spend more time in this enchanted place and explore further all of it's mysteries. More info here....,_Florida