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After many years of working haunt cases I have seen many patterns for true hostile haunt cases, and others for hauntings that just seem hostile, but in reality are not. Let's take a look at some of the kinds, of truly hostile haunts first.

Territorial spirits:

These are spirits who feel you are in their space and want you out. They will go to extreme lengths to accomplish that and scaring you out is one of the most common. If you do not run off scared, sometimes they will try harder and never give up until they succeed in getting you out of their space. This is a very common type of hostile haunting.

Revenge haunts:

Over the years, we have seen many revenge hauntings. These are hostile hauntings, where a spirit has an axe to grind and is hell bent on seeing it through. Spirits who have been wronged sometimes do not move on. Some hang around and try to play out their revenge from the other side. Some of these spirits may have a genuine reason for being so enraged, others may have imagined reasons, and really don't have a real idea of what took place, they just want to blame someone, much like the living sometimes do. Either way it's all about unrest on some level.

Some spirits can be reasoned with and urged to move on, but others just refuse and when this happens it is hard to get them to abandon their campaign of haunting someone. Since we, as incarnates in this life do not hold ultimate power over what happens here, let alone on the other side, we are sometimes unable to resolve these matters. Sometimes a spirit has a good reason for haunting a person who did them or their loved ones wrong. In this case Karma comes into play and spirits do participate in bringing Karma around. I believe there are rules that govern these matters and we are not able to over ride them or even know the details of those rules for that matter.

Justice haunts: 

These are spirits that haunt their murderers, or those they feel are responsible for their death, or some other matter that was never resolved, such as the details of their death, that they want to be made known. A spirit desperate to accomplish this, may be persistent, and go to extreme lengths to make their presence known, scaring the daylights out of the people they try to make contact with. Spirits will also haunt someone who stole something either from the deceased or from their heirs. Never steal from the dead or from what you think is an abandoned house,.

Truly Evil entities:

These spirits haunt and torture the living just because they are disgruntled or resentful, and sometimes just plain malevolent. A spirit does not have to be a demon or an imp, or anything non human, to be an evil spirit. Human ghosts are often responsible for about three quarters of evil hauntings. They sometimes attach to people they relate to, or those they want to use or live through, to achieve whatever their goal is. These kinds of spirits are not very common, and usually are as feared and disdained by other spirits as they are by the living.

In the cases I have seen with these kinds of spirits there is usually also reports of a shadow man. I believe that this is because the shadow men are soul harvesters who come like bounty hunters to try and haul these evil spirits off to the realm where they belong. These cases also often feature IMPS that pose as children but in reality are non human entities that take up with human ghosts and lend them their help in creating havoc. In 2008 I got to see my first IMP, though I have recorded their voices for years and even got what I think may be a photo of one. I have no idea exactly what these imps are, but they do not strike me as human at all. They also seem too easily intimidated to be classified as demons, from what I have seen of them so far.

  All three types of hauntings listed above, also seem to feature night crusher episodes, nightmares, and extreme physical activity. They sometimes try to integrate with a living person and sometimes succeed. While all of these are perceived as hostile haunts by the victims of these spirits, the truly evil spirits are actually easier to banish than the others. There is a fine line between what is truly evil, and what is just a desperate spirit with a serious cause. It takes different approaches to deal with all three of these kinds of haunts, and some may never be resolved.

Then there is another kind of haunting called an "Infestation" haunt. This means several spirits are teamed together and pooling their energy to create extreme activity. Usually in a hostile haunt, there is one ring leader who may even be oppressing the others and forcing them to participate in his or her agenda. One thing is for sure, and that is that people do not like to be alone, in this life or the next. years of cases have shown me that where there is one spirit, there are usually others.

Rare is the solitary spirit who spends all of his or her time alone. Sometimes I have even found two separate groups of spirits in the same place that are not even in league with each other, but are more or less doing their own thing. In some cases they may clash with each other and extreme activity may be the result of that little ongoing war, between them.

Next are other sometimes extreme, but not really hostile hauntings.

Attraction haunts:

Attraction haunts happen because spirits are attracted to the kind of energy that they themselves relate to. Negative people attract negative spirits and positive people attract positive spirits. If you are into something that a spirit was into they may decide to take up with you by virtue of that mutual interest, feeling, practice, or compulsion. Like attracts like, especially with the spirits who are wanting to stay involved with the vanities of this world. Another kind of attraction haunt comes about when a spirit literally falls in love with someone who is still alive. It is almost like a stalker from the spirit world, who just does not get the hint, that the two of you are just not meant to be. Spirit stalkers are hard to get rid of. They often start as friendly spirits that people seem to accept and even welcome, [thinking they are harmless] but then later on become a problem just like any obsessive, possessive living individual. Many attraction hauntings start with spirit summoning. See more about that in that section below.

Suicide spirits:

These are people who committed suicide and do not want to cross over because they fear judgment on the other side or, they regret their choice and want to somehow regain their earthly life at any cost. There are many other reasons as well, such as feeling the pain, of what they put their loved ones through and wanting so badly to let them know they are there and they are sorry, and find a way to offer some kind of closure or resolution. Suicide spirits often hang around and try to interact with the world they left behind. Sometimes they just want to stay in their old homes and cling to their earthly life that they took for granted before. Because they are having such a hurricane of emotion of all kinds, they can also be quite unstable, even angry and frustrated and take it out on the living at times. If they find someone who can see or hear them, such as a sensitive person or a young child, they may continue to try and interact with that person to hold on to some connection to this world. No matter what the case suicides do not cross over easily most of the time. There are hundreds of possible reasons and scenarios for them to linger.

Summoned spirits:

Very common nowadays are the hauntings that come about as a result of someone extending an invitation to those on the other side, to come forth and interact with them. People do this in many ways, such as breaking out the old Ouija board, playing parlor games, even bringing out a tape recorder and asking for spirit communication. Opening a door is never a good idea, as there is no telling who or what will walk through it. Many an amateur ghost hunter have brought problems upon themselves, by seeking out spirits at cemeteries and supposed haunted locations. Some spirits will follow you home to play the game some more, and others resent the intrusion and will follow to retaliate. The worst place to summon spirits in is a cemetery. Not too many nice spirits hang out with their rotting corpses. Mostly predatory and parasitic entities hang out in the graveyards. Even nice spirits get so annoyed with ghost hunters and their constant intrusion that they will at times try to teach them a lesson by following them home and harassing them on their turf.

If you don't believe me just listen to this EVP from a case where the people summoned spirits by ghost hunting and then wound up haunted...the spirit says "That's why we came in here, you said it was alright!"  

Provoking a spirit is another sure fire way to get more than you bargained for or are ready to deal with. When you initiate spirit communication you have no idea who or what you will attract by that invitation. Remember that this is your real life. You are not some para-celebrity actor from a TV show made for entertainment. These so called reality shows are far from "reality" and ghost hunting is not a safe hobby in the real world. We have had so many cases that started with ghost hunting. These cases often turn out to be the worst kinds of hauntings. These cases you will "not "see on TV because the real researchers and haunts resolution people do not do TV reality shows, as they are not interested in such exploitation and have no need to seek this kind of notoriety. They take what they do very seriously, because they know the nature of the game. They may participate in a educational documentary, if there were such a thing anymore, but will not do reality shows or on the air ghost hunting or haunts investigation. You will also not see these cases on TV very often because people that really go through a truly hostile haunting, do not want to be on TV, they just want it to be over and forget about it. That kind of trauma usually does not inspire people to seek publicity or personal fame.

Desperate spirits:

Sometimes a spirit is desperate to communicate something to the living, so much so, that they go out of their way to make their presence known. In the process they scare the hell out of the person whom they are trying to interact with. In that case the haunting is perceived as hostile by the scared person that is experiencing it. In reality the spirit means no harm but just really wants to reach out for whatever reason to the living party that they are haunting.In many cases the spirit has a very important message to convey for the living person's welfare. This may seem like a hostile haunt because of the consistent activity but in reality it is not.

The reasons for real hostile haunts are endless, and I have only listed here the most common that I have seen over the years. The One thing I can tell you is that the number of hostile cases has increased, in the last four years. Our last category is the least common but most complicated haunting...we call this the:


You have probably heard the term spirit guide before and we all have them. Most of the time they are so subtle that we never know they are around but in some cases they feel the need to take extreme measures to get their point across to us. In these cases we usually see one haunting replaced with another of the same nature, and the person seems to be habitually haunted again and again. This is not the same as when a "sensitive" acts as a beacon to spirits and therefore they come to that person, this is different. This kind of haunt takes place over and over when someone is on the wrong road i n some way and refuses to see the error of their ways. In that case spirits interact with them trying to get them to wake up before it is too late. These kinds of spirits can actually get quite forceful and even hostile when they feel you are not getting the point. We all think what we do in our lives is okay and that we should be able to make our own mistakes, but when our mistakes affect others in a bad way or cause others to make the same mistakes, then we are not being progressive or considerate of others, which puts us in the justified severity range of these extreme guides. Extreme guides can even attack you physically when they are at their wits end to get you to catch on.

Let's look at an example of a person who invites this type of haunting: Let's say that a young man who knows better starts doing drugs and it is destroying his life and his families' lives. Then he decides to sell drugs to finance his own habit. Now he is not just hurting himself, but other people on so many levels. Since what we do in this life affects where we wind up in the next, the powers that be will often try to give you a wake up call. They sometimes do this through spirits. A spirit of a relative, or a friend or even just a random spirit guide, may try to intervene to wake you up and get you back on the right road, before it is too late. People ask me "why is this spirit after me?" but they never look deep down inside themselves to see if they are doing something that might have brought down some divine retribution upon themselves. People always look at a haunting as if it is a mean, pointless attack on them and this is not always the case at all. Sometimes it is actually something being done to scare you into thinking about the afterlife and your own spiritual slate.

I have seen this type of haunting so often these days because more and more people are spiritually lost and think that this life is all that matters. They are taken in by the vanities of the world and all the other lost people and really have no spiritual concern or awareness whatsoever. In that case, there is no other recourse than for an attempt by spirits to try and bring on a spiritual awakening, by trying to show them that there is a life after this one and that if they keep doing whatever they are doing wrong, they will pay dearly in the next life. What better way than to show them first hand, that spirits do exist and that not everything is in their control, as they previously thought. If a person on the wrong road has a higher destiny intended for them, and if they have someone on the other side who loves them enough to volunteer to be their "wake up guide" then they may experience this kind of extreme spirit intercession many times throughout their lives. Let's also look at how hauntings can be exacerbated by the people involved, to become an extreme haunting. Now how do we, the living make a haunting worse with our actions?


How does a ghost become a demon?

You know there is so much hype right now about demons but in reality they are a rare find indeed. Angry, trouble making ghosts on the other hand are quite plentiful. Then there is another class of haunting that is not just a ghost and certainly not a demon. It is a haunting caused by paranormal hysteria. How does a ghost become a demon? At least in the eyes of the people being haunted? This is how...

One person experiences some low scale paranormal activity in the house, and is very afraid of such things. They mention it to their kids. Kids are very impressionable and very fearful normally of such things. So now everyone is thinking about "the ghost". Every shadow and sound becomes suspect, and pretty soon every one of the kids is experiencing activity, whether real or imagined and the adrenalin starts to pump as the fear kicks in with every sound and shadow.

If there is a spirit present, now everyone is feeding the ghost, high octane fuel to produce more activity. As the one person who originally experienced the activity lies in bed, they are thinking about it and waiting for another event.They are now setting up a link on the airway to the ghost. The ghost, if it is a predatory opportunist, or even a just a prankster, picks up on that link and that energy and comes out to play.When this happens the fear kicks in again and the high octane gas is fed to the ghost again. Now the ghost has even more energy to burn to create even more impressive activity.

Pretty soon everyone is scared and sleeping in the same room for safety and comfort. The ghost has brought the family together, how nice. Everyone is thinking about the ghost and waiting nervously for the next sign of activity, now everyone is reinforcing the link to the ghost on the airway.The ghost has even more of a conduit to draw it to the people. So it shows up and does something else, that instills fear ,now it has three people or whatever to scare and get energy from, and gets even more fuel, which is exactly what it thrives on. Now it has a good thing going.

Then the family starts talking about the ghost to people and maybe friends come by to experience the ghost, now the ghost is a celebrity, with more people tuning in and feeding it. Friends come to spend the night to see the ghost, and they feed the ghost their fear. Pretty soon, this ghost is a powerhouse, so it can produce even more impressive activity.

This becomes an endless cycle which strengthens the power of the ghost. Now the one person who first experienced the ghost and some of the other family members are so traumatized, that all they can think or worry about, is the next dreaded night in the house, with the dreaded ghost who, is now doing more and more serious activity, maybe now the ghost is touching them or moving objects etc.

Just like some living people form a relationship with their physical abusers, maybe someone in the house has now personified and attempted to communicate with the ghost. Now the ghost has it made, as the person is setting up a real line of communication with it, and feeding it even more thought form energy than ever before. Other spirits tune in to the power source and the energy and they show up to feed and add to the melee. Now there are more than one ghost who can pool their energies to create even more impressive displays to scare the pants off everyone.Now you have an infestation. Great!

By now the ghost who started out as a shadow or a bump in the night, is with a life of it's own that is maintained and fed by the very people who created it. This does happen.

Another alternative is a transient spirit who is looking for a fix, stops by and sees the opportunity and now they actually do have a problem. There are so many ways that a ghost can be raised up to become a formidable entity, akin to a demon by people themselves. I am writing this article, because I have seen these cases and worked these kinds of cases, and there is no resolving them, as the family themselves have to starve out and destroy the thing they have either created, attracted, or fed to the point where it is colossal.

Some food for thought, is what this article is, and here is some good advice for anyone who suspects a spirit haunting their home. DO NOT follow this pattern. Do not tell your kids about the ghost you saw or heard, and put them on the airway too. Do not feed the ghost your fear, and give it rise to celebrity by making it the topic of conversation every day with everyone. Realize that you have to fight spiritual energy with spiritual energy and no matter what your faith, if you take the path of actions described above, you are adding to the problem, maybe even creating it. Malevolent hauntings rely on paranormal hysteria, so don't buy into the hysteria.

There are those in the paranormal field who are followers of the Roman catholic faith who are extremists and consider everything and anything that haunts and causes impressive activity to be a demon. This is because their faith teaches this concept. Demons are a popular theme with this faith and also a very real fear. If demons were so common, the world would be over run with them and be in a very bad way. I do not advise anyone to jump to the worst possible conclusion with a haunting, in assuming it is a demon. Thinking about demons and dwelling on thoughts of them is not a good idea. In fact anything you dwell on you can attract, so why would anyone want to do that. Remember, that no one faith has all the answers and no one in this field or any other, knows for sure what the rules are in the next world, or this one for that matter. Get some rational help if you are haunted. Don't join in the hysteria, keep calm and stay rational.

If you have a ghost that is causing problems get real help from a reputable person. Do not attempt communication yourself, with tape recorders seances, Ouija boards, etc. Do not romanticize the ghost by giving it a name and talking to it, and trying to "help" the ghost, it may not need your help just your fuel. Do not spread your fear to your kids, and to others. Don't live for two years with activity mounting and then call someone for help after you have created a monster, that you are actually fostering. You would be surprised how many people call me and then say, "Oh we don't want to get rid of the ghost, just make him stop hurting us, or scaring us." The ghost has become part of their reality to the point where it serves to feed some excitement into their lives, yet they are now having their lives turned upside down by it.

Those reading this who think they are haunted ,please also read the article "When should you panic?' It is in the drop down menu under the article heading in the header.