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How to make your haunting much, much worse………………………….

Every day I get at least one email or phone call from someone who thinks they are haunted. They tell me of some small incident in their home or about the “feeling” they have that something is there, and I ask questions, calm them down and advise them that things are probably just fine. This is because spirits and people do cross paths from time to time but that does not constitute a haunting and if the person does not focus on the encounter and dwell on it, chances are that not much more will take place. With the paranormal craze and all the TV shows and movies, now more than ever before, people think they have an understanding of the paranormal and try to emulate what they see on TV and apply it to their own situations.

This is the BIGGEST mistake anyone can make if they do not want to make a haunting worse or even invite a haunting where it did not really exist before. They tell me how they have taken so many pictures trying to get the ghost on film and then they might even send me a few that are nothing more than camera artifact, but they believe is the ghost in the frames. They set up tape recorders in their homes and try to talk to the ghost and get it on tape. They have already studied history on their home and the area. Many have determined that their property rests on what was once Native American land. { PS in this country everywhere was once Native American land} So silly. In reality all of the things these people are doing are working against them. They are actually encouraging or even creating a haunting. HOW?

Spirits are largely telepathic….. in other words, they communicate through thoughts and also can hear and read your thoughts at times. So in this case, every time you think about them, focus on them or try to find them, photograph them, call them out with the tape recorder, you are “ENGAGING” them. You are basically telling them the following: “I want to see you, I want to talk to you, I want you around, I acknowledge you and want interaction from you, you are welcome here” etc. By doing this you are insuring that you will be haunted. Most ghost encounters are accidental and mere chance. Spirits at times do not even notice us and if they do, they usually just ignore the chance encounter and move on. But when someone tunes into them, and goes out of their way to acknowledge and focus on them, they look back at you and they tune in and then they hear your thoughts and if they are sp inclined they will answer that call. Spirits that are passing by also hear it and sometimes the worst of the lot, with truly malevolent intentions will seize the opportunity to play with you and gain access into your home and your life and wreak havoc down the line.

Please do not emulate what you see on TV these shows are entertainment not documentaries and the practices they portray on these shows are not safe to do in your own home at all. Use common sense. Whatever you court or pay attention to you can bring to your door. Action invites interaction. Remember the old saying “As you gaze into the abyss, the abyss also gazes into you!” If you have one strange experience, let ir ride and go on with your life. If you think you are truly being haunted, get real help from an EXPERIENCED source. Not your cousin’s friend who claims to be a medium, or some pay for play medium charlatan. Not from some novice ghost hunting team who will make things worse for you, and not from a religious fanatic who wants you to treat the situation like an infestation of demons from hell. Do some research and find someone who has been working haunts cases for over a decade or more and can truly provide the help you need. PLEASE ALSO READ THIS PAGE FOR MORE INFORMATION......................go to: