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When should you panic? Or, when are you not safe with a spirit in your home?

People call me all the time, that are very afraid and upset because they think they are haunted. Many of them do not feel safe in their own homes. I feel very bad for these folks and will try everything I can to help them but I am writing this article to offer some information that may help as well, even before a client actually talks to me on the phone or by email. Please read this if you are feeling that you are haunted and are very afraid at this time. Paranormal activity in the home sets most people really on edge, which tends to make emotions run high and fear to escalate among family members. Please also read the article on the home page titled"How does a ghost become a demon" to learn more about what not to do when you think you are haunted. Now, let me advise on this subject at hand.

Books, movies and paranormal shows also help to influence the way we think about hauntings or even about a single paranormal experience. Some of them make us conditioned to panic. Even the movies that supposedly feature true haunt stories embellish the actual events tenfold, just look at the real story from "A haunting in Connecticut and then watch the4 latest movie they made about it, to see just how much they are embellished, for thrill factor. In many ways we are conditioned to panic and be afraid. I myself lived through years of a horrific hostile haunting, and they do take place but rarely to that extreme at all. I have worked haunt cases for 33 years now and I have seen only two that are of the magnitude of that one. I have seen countless others that varied in intensity and in risk factor. The advice I give here is based on that experience and studying the statistics that I have observed. Before I list when to panic, I am going to list when not to panic. 


 1. Don't panic because you feel there may be something in your home, as there are many things that cause feelings of being watched or paranoid anxiety. The worst culprit could be your Wifi signal in your home, believe it or not.

2. Do not panic because you saw a shadow in your home. Spirits pass through everywhere and sometimes you might catch a glimpse of one.

3. Do not panic if doors open by themselves or lights turn off and on, this is common with haunts but also with structural problems and faulty electrical circuits. Even if it is a Ghost this is not hostile activity, in and of itself folks. It's mischief to get your attention.

4. Do not panic because your small child says they talked to someone who was not there, kids sometimes do actually have imaginary friends who are just that, "imaginary." Look into it but don't rule it a a ghost right out of the gate.

NOTE THE FOLLOWING: These things are not necessarily the actions of a hostile entity...or any entity at all at times. None of these warrant leaving your home, or thinking you are suddenly unsafe in your home. Even if they are being caused by a spirit, which they sometimes are, it does not mean you or your family,are in mortal danger.

Moving of an object from one place to another.

A book falling off a shelf by itself.

Orbs and other light anomalies in photos.

A door opening or closing by itself.

Hearing misplaced sounds or noises in the home. 

Seeing a shadow.

Your dog barks at the invisible thing.

I have four LOL}

Spirits do this but it is nothing to panic over.

Hearing footsteps in the home.

Feeling a cold spot in your house.

Appliances acting up or engaging on their own.

Hearing a voice in the home, or music or sounds of movement.

You get a creepy feeling.

The cats spaz out for no reason. {cats are nuts anyway, I know

If you have some or all of these things going on, then seek an investigation but do not panic or think you have to leave your home, as in a real haunting, that may be the worst thing to do, as it gives the spirit the idea that they have the upper hand. Very few spirits actually hurt people, but fear itself hurts people in more ways than you can imagine. Seek help but do not panic, these types of activity are common and usually pose no immediate threat to anyone. Spirits that are out to hurt people usually are very rare and they usually will exhibit more aggressive displays than these. If you get some help before a haunting escalates then you can nip it in the bud more easily, but fear and panic are never productive.

Now: When to be concerned. When to definitely seek help. { I never advise anyone to actually panic as panic breeds chaos}

If objects are flying or being hurled about the house or at people in the home. { Not a magazine folks, but a heavy object or a glass object that takes some force to throw.}

If someone is being physically touched in a harmful or sexual way, or being hurt by unseen hands and marks are displayed by these attacks. { Not just the feeling of a momentary hand on your shoulder, or a brush of your hair}

If you are experiencing other activity along with a horrible smell in the home, such as the smell of garbage, rotting flesh, sulfur, sewage etc. {Not cologne or cigar smoke or anything mundane and innocuous.} If someone in the home has taken on a severe state of agitation or a sudden and consistent, negative change of personality and you are also having other activity from either of these lists.

If children are suddenly claiming to be terrorized by something nightly, and they were never scared before or ever had night terrors, especially if more than one child is making this claim. {Remember not every bad dream is a spirit out to get your child}

If you are experiencing a lot of other activity and several members of your household are suddenly wanting to sleep all the time or appear to be lethargic, or seem to have unexplained anxiety. {Insomnia exhibited in several family members along with a lot of other activity, is usually common because everyone is on edge and afraid to go to sleep, so that may not be the fault of the spirit directly.}

If someone in your home suddenly starts speaking an unknown language, and you have multiple kinds of actively and any of the above in this section.

When ever you think you are experiencing paranormal activity in your home, and you become frightened, tale a deep breath, and try to maintain rationality. Fear is the best gas for a haunting to escalate on every level. By all means if you have serious activity or a lot of activity going on in your home, get help, but do not assume the worst. Forget all the movies you have seen, and if the kids are not noticing the activity, do not tell them about it and open them up to it. Don't try to communicate with an entity, and don't try to cleanse your own home. Get some experienced help and find out what you are dealing with first.