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One of the things that people google search all the time and one of the most common questions people seem to have is "Why do spirits haunt us?"

 First of all spirits are everywhere and are not necessarily haunting anyone just because a spirit is occasionally seen in a location. They pass through many places all the time and sometimes they may never pass that way again. In other cases they may return to a place again and again and even so, they are not doing it necessarily to haunt the living. Somewhere along the line mother culture or some religious dogma gave us this idea that any spirits are not supposed to be here or are not allowed to be here. Some people even believe that if a spirit is here and tries to interact with us that spirit must be evil. We assume to know so much about the rules of this life and the next. No matter what we think or believe it does not seem to affect spirit presence in our world or spirit activity. Occasionally spirits do come around to try and interact with the living souls here and when they do there is usually always a reason. For the sake of those on both side of the veil it is best to try and find out the reason if we want to find resolution to this unusual and for some people very unsettling interaction. To understand the psychology of spirits we need to understand ourselves as most spirits that seek to contact us are "human spirits."

Every one of us has our own ideas, concerns, emotions and personality. We display them during our corporeal life every day. We all have our likes our dislikes and distinct things that we love and hate. We have different things that make us happy, and unhappy. We form attachments to people, pets, our homes, and our favorite places. No two people are exactly the same and we all live largely in our own realities. We may be able toe empathize with each other on certain things but in the end we can never truly know why anyone does what they do, because we can not live inside their minds or look out at the world through their eyes. We are all spirits and we all have free will and we will all someday pass on to another kind of life. We do not die in the sense that we cease to exist. We still exist and we still have consciousness and we still can affect even those still in this world, under the right circumstances. We take all of our uniqueness and our personal concerns with us into that next life.

From what I have gathered from my decades of spirit communication and observation of "supposed" hauntings, I have learned just how little valid knowledge or understanding we actually have about the afterlife. In fact much of what we think we know is just not right. Human nature and human psychology however is something we have an understanding of in this life. People don't change very much from this life to the next. Love is an amazing motivating factor for spirits to breech the veil and try to reach out to us. Just as we miss a loved one when they die, they miss us too. Contrary to what we have been conditioned to think, they can and do continue to keep tabs on us. They are not sent away by the higher power to some other plane, where they can never see us again, until we die. They are able to observe and experience our finest and our lowest moments even though we can not see them or sense their presence.

 While there are spirits that seem to want to cause pain and project negative feelings at us even after they die, this is not as common as the movies would have us believe. Most of the time spirits are not out to haunt us, terrorize us, or cause us pain and fear. The problem lies with the way we react, if and when we become aware of a spirit presence in our home or anywhere for that matter. We react with fear most of the time. Now the spirit, if they have something important to convey will often keep doing more intense and impressive things in the form of activity, to get us to catch on to their presence and also to find a way to find out what they need or want us to know. They may have a message that is very important to your welfare as I have found is often the case. They may not realize they are scaring you and even if they do they may feel that whatever their agenda is, is important enough for the ends to justify the means. Usually spirits will haunt if they need something done that can only be accomplished on the earth plane by the living, or they want something known by the living. There are of course bad spirits and they haunt for a myriad of reasons just as living people get disgruntled for a million different reasons as well. Of course some people are just evil, whether in this life or the next. Whatever the case if you have a real haunting get real help.


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