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Learning to work with and clean EVPS

 EVPS….the most important evidence


  I see so many paranormal investigators posting photos that have been cropped, enlarged, had resolution changed etc. and all to enhance the photo and make the image clear for people to see and for the investigators themselves to analyze. This is good but what does it tell us? Even if you are lucky enough to get something that could be an apparition, that is all you know, It does not tell you who the apparition is or why they are there or what they might want etc. So in the big picture a picture is not worth much in getting to the bottom of a haunting.

  Right now the best chance we have for getting information and communication from what might be the spirit world is through EVP. In spite of that fact everyone seems to have no interest in learning what they need to know,  to make the most of that valuable communication source.

  From what I have seen everyone is busy learning to work with photos and few have taken any time to work with learning the skills to clean, and clarify their evps. I have done EVP since 1974 but recently with the advent of the Pc and all the sound programs available to us my job is so much easier. I don’t have to speculate as much on what was said on an EVP because I can take it into my PC, work with it and make it clearer, intelligible and very understandable to not only my own ears but for others to hear it as well.

  The majority of the para teams seem to have this notion that they must leave EVP evidence in its raw state, in order for it to be accepted by the masses as valid, untampered evidence. Well that is all well and good if you are just out to get evps and have no concern for finding out what they really are saying, or the who and the why of the haunting. This is okay if you care more about keeping your image up for the para community at large, but not if you really want to progress in the field and find the answers you claim to seek. I know hundreds of people in the field but only 5 that really know how to make the most of their EVPS. EVP technicians are rarer than those coveted apparition photos these days.

  Because I am out to resolve a haunting and also get information from the spirit world about that world, I could care less about impressing anyone else in the field. I made it my business to become skilled with working with EVPS and that has allowed me to learn so much from the other side. I do it because I want to help my clients and not just investigate their location. I feel that many people claim they want answers, but when they disregard the necessity to learn this skill, they are throwing out the baby with the bath water so to speak. We work some serious cases where the information gathered is very important, and we can not afford to be wrong on what is being said in the EVPS, so we have to work to make them audible and as clear as we can.

  I listen to endless posts of people’s EVPS where you cannot hear anything or you cannot even make out what is being said, and this is because folks just do not take the time to learn to work with their evps. I have heard other sounds that are not even EVPS. Learning to recognize EVPS and all the ways they come across that recorder is another skill in itself. It is a learned skill, born of trial and error and endless hours of experimenting. Most people don’t even know enough to pull out their EVPS from the recording, Most of them don’t know what to listen for, they just think they do. Investigating is fine but if you do not learn what you need to know, to do the job effectively then you will always be a novice and just a ghost hunter. What are you learning if you do not know how to decipher your own evidence captures people?

   I have taught my own team members and a few others how to work with evps. Learning this skill is hard. I learned by trial and error and endless hours on my PC working evps over and over until I learned enough to know exactly what to do with an evp to bring it out as clear and loud as I can. Many people who listen to my evps may criticize or even say that they are too good to be genuine but I am not concerned with their opinions. I am only concerned with my work and helping my clients. If you learn to work with evps you could make your own captures sound just as clear and actually know what is being said, rather than having to speculate or guess. The information obtained from evps is vital to not only resolving spirit haunting but also to learning more about the afterlife. Getting to be a good evp analyst takes practice and a lot of work but in the end it is the most valuable thing you may ever learn that will help you to make headway in the paranormal research field.