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Many people in this field, do not even realize when they have evps on their recorders. This is because they are not experienced with them or seasoned to know what to listen for and how to bring them out of the white noise. Many people work with programs such as Audacity to clean their evps, but do not know how to use the program to it's fullest potential. Cleaning and deciphering evps is a lot of work, and experience and experimentation are what eventually leads to real skill with EVP files. I have been recording ghosts since 1974. back them we did not have computers and the awesome sound programs we have now. These new programs allow us to get even more evps, as now we can hear them through this equipment and bring them out to a real audible and clear level. I have done evps for so long that now, when I hear an evp or what I think is an evp, I know what to do with it to bring it out and understand what is being said most of the time. There are still some evps that are so low and so buried in the white noise that you can not bring them out. There are sounds on digital tape recorders that most people would not even recognize as an evp. This is something that relies on experience. If an evp is important to resolving a case or getting information on a murder case, I will work with that evp for a long, long time. I will do everything possible to bring it out so that it can be heard and understood. Most people run out of patience and give up on an evp, because they do not know how to work with the file.

EVPS come in as whispers most of the time because the voice is not coming from a live person with vocal cords and volume. Most evps are coming from another dimension of sorts that is right next to ours. Picture yourself trying to yell through a wall of Jello. Your voice would be very muted by the Jello.This is how most evps come in. Other evps that are very loud, may be the product of direct voice mediumship or a spirit that is not the average garden variety ghost. Some spirits have the ability to sound as loud as we do on tape. These are advanced spirits who can break the barrier and enter into our actual plane but they are rare. Spirits of this kind can be very benevolent beings or very evil beings, but they are always powerful. More recently I discovered that most evps are created by constructive interference, much like we produce radio signals, by the spirit bombarding an existing sound wave.

 A lot can be determined from evps. You can usually tell by the voice inflection if the spirit is angry, bored, sad, or being sarcastic, just like you can with the living. An evp that comes in sounding like a robot with no emotion or inflection of mood is one to beware of. Non human entities often mimic human spirits, by reciting phrases they have learned. They do not however insert the emotion into the voice. EVPS can tell you if a spirit may not be a human discarnate in many ways. IMPS which are a neutral chaos type of creature, not human in most ways, sound like a human dwarf on tape. This is because they mimic human speech but have a particular voice of their own, which comes through just like a foreign accent comes through with a living person from another country. Most non human entities are good at mimicing human spirit voice. Some of the most powerful ones are the best at doing this. We are still in the dark with many evps as to the origin of the speaker. I have come to know the sounds of human spirits over the years, but at times I am still stumped or unsure of the nature of what is talking back to us. This is why EVP can be dangerous for someone who is just playing around. Doing evp sittings is just like picking up a Ouija board and extending a broad invitation to whatever is out there, if you do not know what you are doing.

  I have seen many evps posted on the net, that can not even be heard at all, and others that are questionable as just noises that I would not even consider as an evp. I do not care about noises on tape. those noises could be anything, and caused by natural means. Occasionally footsteps can be heard where there should be no people, and then I listen and catalog those files. Mostly I want to hear voice messages, as that is the only thing I classify as evp. Now we do get sounds that are guttural or even animal sounding at some cases and I do consider these too, as perhaps whatever is present in the home is something new and totally unknown to us. There are many life forms in this world and the next, and it is very primitive thinking to say they are all "demons.' Too many people in the field are spouting the "demon" explanation for everything from angry human ghosts, to IMPS, to whatever sounds out of the ordinary. I have recorded the spirits of household pets, barking long after they passed away. Dog's growl too, so why does it have to be a demon, if you hear a growl? What if it is a dog that passed and is still defending it's territory? Why immediately jump to the most dramatic conclusion? Many things make sounds that sound like growling on tape. Appliances, and a host of other things make sounds that could be misconstrued as growls, on tape. Since the demons always growl in the movies, people are conditioned to hear growls and also to interpret them as demonic forces.

A spirit who really wants to scare people will growl deliberately because they know how we perceive it. They want us to think they are all powerful demons and run away. In that case they get what they want, and have free rein to keep doing whatever it is that suits their agenda without your interference. Hearing a growl on tape does not always mean demonic presence. I have heard growls on tape at many, many cases, along with other human voices. I do not panic or jump to nay conclusions. Most times the growl turns out to be something else that is producing the sound that is not even organic.

 There are certain sounds that I believe to be made by certain non human entities. The words "Non human entity" can mean many things. We do not know the myriad of species of life forms that live in this or any other dimension. There are certain evps that can even be extraterrestrial in origin. many people who study ETs and UFO's have captured evps of this nature. I have heard some of these as well, and they are very strange indeed. Some of these Et evps would be considered by some to be demonic, if they had not heard them before or knew of their association with ET's.

Spirits who have recently passed and have no bad agenda, will usually identify themselves by giving their name, so will advanced benevolent spirits. Those who passed long ago may be confused and not even remember their name. Those who mean harm will not give you their name as they want to keep you completely in the dark and unaware of any information about them. There is truth to the old saying that "To know a things name, is to have some degree of power over it."


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